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Lagos city

Lagos city

Many people consider Lagos
the most likeable town on the Algarve coast.

Lagos city - center   The town has a seafaring tradition dating back to the 15th century when Henry the Navigator had his ships built and victualled here for voyages of discovery into the unknown world The ancient wall steeped in history but nowadays this is a youthful town, with a refreshing, relaxed charm all of its own. It is an easy place to while away a week or two and good to use as a base for exploration of the western Algarve. Lagos Cultural Centre has a modern, comfortable auditorium and is a mecca for music and the performing arts. Check local publicity for upcoming events.

History, ruins and museums

Lagos history  The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors all left their mark and influence (the modern name 'Lagos' derives from the Roman 'Lacobriga'). The Moors were finally ejected in 1249 by the Portuguese king. Dom Afonso III, with the help of passing crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. Henry the Navigator's statue is in the square bearing his name. At the northwest corner of this square is the 'slave market', so-named because this was the site of Portugal's first market trading exclusively in African slaves.
It is possible to walk around the old city walls, some of them dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.
Visit the museum and the adjacent Church of Santo Antonio in Rua General Alberto Carlos da Silveira, in the centre of Lagos. Co into the museum first (there is a small charge). After you have wandered around the galleries viewing all sorts of items, from Roman artefacts to freakish zoological specimens pickled in jars, you will emerge into the stunningly ornate little church. It is often called a 'golden' chapel.

Lagos beaches

Lagos city - center  
Dona Ana

The most popular beach in the vicinity of Lagos, but accessed by steep steps near the Golfinho hotel. It is flan ked north and south by cliffs, and because it faceseast, the sand here is nicely - sheltered from westerly winds.

There are smaller beaches off the road between Dona Ana and Ponta Piedade, particularly Praia do Camilo.

You can take a look over the Lagos city map - HERE.

How to get to Lagos?
You can rent a car in Lagos city or Faro airport or book a private transfer anywhere in the Algarve.

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