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Lagos Car Hire - Client Testimonials

Tahir Habib

United Kingdom, 09.08.2010
Car management system cut engine out on a22 when I took car from faro airport. After switching it off and redrafting it it seemed to work fine for the next two weeks.

Also i HCR my own I have my own full collision damage waiver so no nednfor it to be included but it will be useful for my next booking.

Alan Main

United Kingdom, 08.08.2010
Good solid service, the insurance policy gave 'peace of mind'. I will definately use again, I will however book much earlier and probably will upgrade the car I hire.
Many thanks.

Shaun Thompson

United Kingdom, 08.08.2010
Quick, efficient and easy to use. A refreshing change to the other Hire Car companies. You'll get my custom again.

Damian Smith

United Kingdom, 08.08.2010
We have used LuzCar before and was all fine - unfortunately this time our estate/wagon car had broken down, and we were asked to take a smaller car - this did not have enough room for our luggage. We were told that there just were NO ESTATE cars left - i pointed to one in the car park and was told that car was also broken. Eventually i had to walk back to the terminal and was given the keys to that car! (the one i was told was broken) At least we got a car - but too much hassle when we were tired after a long journey with a baby.

David Saltmer

United Kingdom, 08.08.2010
no info on what fuel to put into the car. but very helpful on the phone to solve the problem.

John Ward

Ireland, 05.08.2010
I would like your agents to make themselves more visable, as a stranger to the airport we found them hard to find. We thought they would be standing waiting for us.

Katherine Pearson

United Kingdom, 04.08.2010
you always run out of cars in august when we would probably rent for another 3 days but cannot.

Stephen Oates

United Kingdom, 02.08.2010
Very simple easy to use service - Pick up from Faro Airport easiest we've ever experienced - Very friendly staff and very good value for money.

Jeremy French

United Kingdom, 02.08.2010
Would prefer cars to arrive full tank of fuel and then return car with full tank. Not good getting car delivered with empty tank of fuel.

Steven Major

United Kingdom, 02.08.2010
I booked for my father online when coming to book my own car it assumed my fathers name again as it was linked to the e-mail address , so when we arrived at Faro the car was in my fathers name...your website needs the option to change this .

Brian Mulier

Netherlands, 31.07.2010
Easy and simple are the key words for Luzcar concept. Love it!

Robert Reid

Ireland, 30.07.2010
I would prefer to confirm the initial booking through the internet, instead of having to ring Portugal to do so, I would also suggest that it is better to get a car that is full of fuel which is then returned full of fuel. However the service was excellent from start to finish and I would not hesitate to use them again. The Luzcar representative was waiting for me at the airport and everything was processed very quickly, I actually got my car a full 30 minutes ahead of others in my party who went with a more famous company(they had even "checked-in" before departing for Portugal).Thanks for contributing to an excellent holiday!!!!

Paul Harris

United Kingdom, 29.07.2010
the only single problem for me is that if we arrive out of hours at the airport we have to travel to iether Faro or Lagos the next day to complete the paperwork and pay, it would be great if when out of hours arrivals are unaviodable that we could pay by credit card the day before arrival, possibly print the document we sign at the aiport, sign, scan and email back to your office to make things realy easy or some other way of avioding this next day visit.

John Noah

United Kingdom, 29.07.2010
I believe you should (at least informally) insist 1/4 tank of fuel is left when returning a vehicle. The insurance factor is most important and vehicle collection and return is ideal.

Friedrich Summer

United Kingdom, 28.07.2010
when booking in office would like confirmation of booking.
would like special rates for longer bookings

Michael Forsyth

United Kingdom, 27.07.2010
Car hire was fantastic HOWEVER my booking was cancelled a day before arriving which took some resolving and did alarm me quite a bit!
Also, it would be very helpful to have an online way to securely give you my credit card details, rather than emailing or calling.
Otherwise, the service you offer is very impressive and I will continue to recommend you. The good bits are the decent quality cars, ease of pickup, pleasant employees and fully inclusive insurance. Many thanks

Peter Plak

Netherlands, 24.07.2010
everything was easy to do.It was the first time I hired a car in another country.It was easy to book, good explanation on the airport, and easy to bring back the car in the early morning(6.00 a clock)

Clive Woods

United Kingdom, 24.07.2010
We collected our car which was very good and we were told it had very little petrol in it. We drove towards the N22 motorway and the car ran out of petrol within 3 kilometres. I then had to walk to the petrol station, borrow a can and buy petrol. This was unecessary and dangerous as we were on a main road. Is this how you treat your customers?

Stephen Oconnell

United Kingdom, 23.07.2010
The sevice at the airport was very good with no delays, also we stay in Lagos so if there were any issues with the vehicle we your office is only a 100 mtrs away. Thanksfor a very good service

Gordon Miller

United Kingdom, 22.07.2010
Looking to book again in September, do you offer loyalty discounts. Kind Regards - Copyright © 2007-2017 All rights reserved - Lagos Car Hire powered by LUZCAR